Winter Memorial for a Dear Friend


This morning, distressing news found my ears, and I heard that one of my dear friends passed away last night.

And while I slept, in my bed.

He quietly passed, to stay away.

The sad part is, as most could know.

We never got a  hug goodbye.

As I write, I sadly cry.

For a dear friend, that had went, and died.

And as my poem, sad but true, he wasn’t like me or you. Because you see, he was a mule. But still, I cry, “he was my friend! I loved him so! Why did he have to go!”

I am quite literally crying as I’m writing this, because the saddest thing is not getting to say goodbye to someone you dearly love.

But now he’s gone, I say his name.

Ike. Ike was brown with flecks of black and white, he had a big nose, but that made him cute, he preferred girls over boys (I never knew why) but my father just said ‘he just likes my beautiful daughters’ like all dads do.

Two nights ago, Ike got colic. Colic happens when the intestines get twisted and it’s really painful. Yesterday, he was up and looking fine. This morning, my aunt, who lives on the arm, called at about 4:30-5:00 am, and gave us the sad news.


So here I would like you to think about something or someone dear to you. Think about how much you love them. Think about everything you are thankful for, because I know I am, I think about them all the time.


Thank you, my friends, for attending this Memorial today, dedicated for Ike. I will always remember him, and I will always love him.


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