Dear you. . .

Dear you, the beautiful person.

When I was walking in the open-air market, I saw these tulips and thought of you. I was going to get you some, but as I admired them. I saw the beauty in every one of them, with their wonderfully unique colors and shapes, practically perfect in every way.  

So I decided I loved them all equally. They were all too beautiful, and I just couldn’t pick one. . . So I got them all.

I hope you will forgive me, but every one of these are beautiful. I favor no color or shape.

I hope with all my heart that you will love them, just as I do.

Colorful tulip bouquets at flower stall in Spring, Strysky I rynok

If you have the thought of “is there a deeper meaning to this that I’m just not seeing” there is a deeper meaning to this. This is basically a letter to a person (that is not actually real) saying that everyone is beautiful and different, but being different is the thing that makes us beautiful.

I want to say that to people, I want to say that everyone is beautifully colored and shaped. Unique in every way.



(Photo is from Unsplash)

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