That Beautiful Moment When. . .

Here are some beautiful moments in life that I love.

Do you know that beautiful moment when the milk mixes with the coffee. . .

The macro view of a cold latte in a glass cup in Denver

That beautiful moment when you look at a cat’s eyes. . .

Close-up of a gray short-haired cat

Macro of a cat's green eyes

A grey cat with whiskers

A gorgeous sunrise is a beautiful moment. . .

And so is a sunset. . .

An Italian canal bathed in the warm light of the setting sun with a bridge at the back

And you see all these beautiful moments, and they are all very simple. They don’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful, and that’s my point. They hold beauty within themselves that we look upon and think. . .

‘That is so beautiful’

Beautiful simplicity. To find beauty in the simplest things, and know their worth in the world of beautiful things.

I chose these pictures because they are stunningly beautiful to me, and I love them.




And that’s that kitty cat! See you next time!

(Photos are from Unsplash)

29 thoughts on “That Beautiful Moment When. . .

  1. What a wonderful blog! Loving the way that you bring out your writings, and the pictures in particular- this post. You took blogging from various perspectives, and I really like them. Very nice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the readers. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  2. Lovely compositions. I think the special touch you have here is your focus on “the moment when.” There are definitely moments watching a sunrise or sunset have their “peak in beauty” for maybe 45 seconds. The same is true for rainbows, shooting stars, waves hitting a rock by the sea and wind weaving through a field, (and so many others) I used that last moving image in a haiku writing idea you posted just over a week ago, I believe.

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