Happy Valentine’s Day

Our new love, with heartstrings being played, blossoms like flowers in spring. . .

But am I being to Cliché? Everything I tell you now, you will have already heard before. So let me try making some words you would like to hear. . .

Your eyes that glimmer like a crystal blue river, speckled with the colors of newly unfurled spring leaves, reflecting the sun in every which way.

When you smile, the sun gets jealous of your radiance and glory.

You hold such natural beauty, a beauty that makeup cannot make. You have no need of a product of fake beauty, it would do nothing but tarnish your face.

Do you believe me? With words of wonder spilling out of my mouth. They would mean nothing if you didn’t believe them.

I could write you poetry every day for the rest of my life, but would you read them?

Valentine’s day could be every day, it is the holiday of love after all.

But if you don’t like words, could I make you chocolate instead?

So happy Valentine’s day my dear, the one whom I love and cherish with all my heart. You are my Sun, my Moon, you alone hang the stars in the sky for me to wonder.

Your love flows like a river with no beginning and no end. And if you should fall short of any of your dreams and desires, you should remember the words of love I spoke when I proclaimed to you, my eternal love.

Because what would I be without you? If a despairing heart should loose its beat, it would live no longer.





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