First Sunrise at the Beach

DSC_0092 (2)
Sunrise from the beach

I’m officially back from vacation, I’ve been back at home for about a solid week, and now I’m back to blogging. So where I went specifically was St. Augustine Florida, and I adventured all around there, in town, and on the beaches.

DSC_0104 (2)
Sunrise in the waves

The night we got to our hotel at vilano beach, I was so excited to see the sunrise and go down to the beach. And we did, we being me and my aunt. We woke up at about ten before six, and it was pretty cold, but we went out to the beach anyway.

DSC_0105 (2)
Morning sunrise over the ocean

My body was so shaky and jittery and I am sure I was giggling with excitement. But when I saw the sun peek over the waves, my body and mind went still, and I was in awe. This was my first morning, the first time I would wake up to see the marvelous sunrise, the first time I would photograph it, and the first time I would sprint out of bed, slip on a sun dress, run outside, down the stairs, onto the beach. . . and realize all to late that I had no pants and my legs were super cold. But it would be the first!

DSC_0099 (2)
Sunrise over the rocks

Many of the photos came out grainy, tilted, and with the light balance off, and sometimes the colors looked weird. But these were the ones I fell in love with. I hoped you loved them, and do you have a favorite?




47 thoughts on “First Sunrise at the Beach

  1. The pictures are breathtaking! I love how you said, β€œI was giggling with excitement.” I see myself doing that. This has been added to my bucket list!

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