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Hi everyone! I recently came across Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions, a charity in NSW Australia that is under terrible distress. Cat adoptions have slowed down, funds are incredibly low and the shelter is currently faced with a dire relocation problem – it won’t be long before they have nowhere to go and the countdown is […]

via Help Save Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions — The Cat’s Write


Please go over to Milly’s site and read through her post, this needs to get all the help it can! And reblog her original post!

11 thoughts on “Help Save Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions — The Cat’s Write

  1. I’ve never bought from a pet store. I only adopt from shelters, because they’re almost always tight on money and accidently malnourish their animals. Once, I rescued a kitten (who I still have!) who developed a disease that (I believe it’s a lung disease) that made her very weak and sick from a shelter. My family visited a vet about her and they said she’ll probably be sick for life. I’ve researched feline lung diseases, but haven’t found any matches for her symptoms. If you want, maybe you could tell me what you think she has if you know? These are her symptoms:
    Occasional sneezing fits
    Runny eyes and nose
    Squeaky, slightly cracked mew

    Keep writing about things like this, raising awareness about poor organizations. Bye!

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    1. I love cats but I know hardly anything about them sorry. :/ and this is only a re-blog, if you follow the link the original post has lots more information, so check that out! 😀

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