After a while. . .


This week I’ve hit just over 530+ followers and I am stunned!!! Thank you all so much! This blog really means a lot to me and I so happy others like it too. I’ve read several blog posts that say the first 100 followers are the hardest, and they are totally right! The first 100+ is your biggest foundation and motivation when you first start blogging. It took lots of time and energy to get here, and the only place to go is up. In this post I have lots to talk about, and I want some of your thoughts on them. . .

Sometime soon, like next week, I would like to change the blog theme for my blog and basically just changing the layout and design of the blog (and maybe the header photo if I find a better one). The theme I have now is great for a beginning theme and it is super easy to use and understand, but now I want to change it to look like I’m a more serious -but still fun- blogger. Do you have any suggestions on a free blog theme? Or if you have a nice (free) theme you can link back to your blog, so tell me down in the comments!

I was also thinking about having a community page like Nonalcoholicstudent (you should totally go check out his blog!) does. It looks like a really fun way to connect with followers and find some great blogs. I think it will add an element of community and friendship to my blog and I love that! It would actually open daily instead of weekly, and the weekly maintenance day would be Thursday.

One more thing. . . I first made this blog for writing, prompts, poetry, and mostly short stories. It gradually shifted to blog-style posts, really fun awards, photography, quotes, writing about my life in general, and re-blogging cat related posts. And to be honest, I like it, but I want to get back into writing prompts, poetry, and short stories. I can’t guarantee them soon, but you will be getting more poetry and short stories!

Again, a huge thank you goes out to my 530+ followers and readers, you bring me so much joy and inspiration! Also, I changed my name to Queenie this week if you didn’t catch that. I think it fits my personality better than my past name, and I just wanted some change.




32 thoughts on “After a while. . .

  1. What do you think was the turning point of your blog? How long did it take to get 100 followers and what part of your writing do you think people came back for? I just started my blog and I am enjoying it so much. I get many likes but I have only gotten one follower. What do you think makes the difference between a like and a follow? I have enjoyed reading your posts and congrats!!!!

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    1. Thank you! And let me answer your questions. . .It took me about two months of non-stop blogging to get 100 but the turning point was when I got about 300+ followers. I think people came back for the consistent posts. The difference between a like and a follow is that someone likes your post, and someone wants to read more of your posts. Does this help? And thank you for enjoying reading my posts! 😊

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    2. Right now I am wondering about the difference, I feel word count is the only difference, I could be wrong I have been at times not many but there are a few, as you I love thinking with pen and electronics in hand. I think fellow citizens just find the spot and just enjoy taking some time off or out and the stories are interesting or at least worth ones time, as you again I’m looking for captivation that will add relevant information or hopefully knowledge our minds take in the good and relevant and delete the unnecessary, it’s weird, the spirit is most intelligent.After a while it knows what’s relevant to our existence, what to keep what to delete, unless you have really bogled your mind that means denying the HG woo is thee

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    1. Well here are something’s that will help. . . Write about things you love, don’t forget to use tags, find some blogs you are interested in, and be friendly and helpful to others! Welcome to blogging! Good luck!

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