Updating My Blog

I just gave my blog a makeover and I really like how it looks now, what do you think?

Just recently I helped a blogger redesign their blog for free, and I loved it so much. The experience of working with another blogger to make the blog they deserve is really magical. I think I’m going to advertise my help and experience with designing blogs and helping bloggers for free and make an entire page on my blog for that.

The reason I want to do if for free is because everyone should love their blog and love how it looks and works. It would be a side hobby for me, but I really enjoy doing it and I want to help others.

Do you think it would be a good idea? And would you want my help to design or redesign your blog?

Also, my blog’s tenth month anniversary is coming up soon. I think I’ll do a blogger Q&A so you can get to know me better. Send your questions down below in the comments. Thank you!





63 thoughts on “Updating My Blog

  1. whitenoise89

    Hi.. I’m a new blogger.. been 2 days literally. I just wanted to pen my thoughts and it just made me happy . It’s like an addiction

    I was reading your posts and loved them !!

    Thanks for connecting

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  2. kenfales

    Your blog is clean and pretty. The image of tulips, (I think), with the sun is captivating. I don’t know what it looked like before, but it looks great now! I think your idea of helping others is worth a shot, especially given that you seem to enjoy it so much.

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  3. lifeontherocks90

    I didn’t see your previous design, but I love the current one! Very clean and easy to navigate.

    I’m only just starting with my blog, but I’d love your input on its design πŸ™‚


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