The Spring Poetry Contest Winners and Poems

Well dear readers, the time has come to announce the winners of the spring themed poetry contest! You all are amazing, but I did have some poems that stuck out to me. And in first place is. . . 


Spring Cleaning

Blessed be the pacific breeze
Puffing across the Rockies at last
Blasting new life across the prairies.
Nature’s chlorophyll missile, now streaking high,
Passing over the great lakes
Slapping the grizzled icy hand of winter,
His grasping bony white knuckles
That have turned yellow with rage, like an unrepentant smoker.
His fists
Those patches of old, reluctant snow
Hiding in shadows, behind fence posts.

Blessed be the green grass
Shooting through the cheeky April ice.
The murmurings of melting
The skitterings of life
Begrudgingly released from winter’s tomb.
That mean vagabond
Is finally wrapping himself in old newspaper
Somewhere on a bench,
Too tired at last
To shoo away the squirrels,
To growl at the passing schoolchildren,
His last hangover for the season
Giving way to sunny sleep.

Blessed be the pulse of life
The strum of sunshine pleased with rainbows,
Popcorn clouds that tease the corn,
Deep rolling thunder inside a faraway storm.
Blessed be the child in yellow boots
Splish splashing straight towards the mirrored
Blessed be the promise of spring
Life’s eternal gift returning
Winter’s cruelty notwithstanding
The hand that holds the puddled child on this spring day
Is yours and mine
In memory forever.


In second place is. . .


All around new blooms I see

In every hedge, on every tree

New leaves sprout in sparkling green

A fresh look everywhere is seen


Flowers so adorn the earth

It seems to be the earth’s rebirth

A rainbow onto earth descends

The distances it so transcends


The air is filled with sweet fragrance

And birds resound in resonance

Their song in this new season feels

So sweet to the ear, the melody heals


A new life into us is breathed

All living things become refreshed

Year after year a new spring comes

To start afresh, to us beckons


In third place is. . .


Like sweet honey, the dew drops dripped.

Like summer breezes, the sighs of contentment.

Relaxing, reclining, with day-dreaming intent,

The sunshine caressing the branches and arbours.

The nature lovers ideal never changes, never alters.

Long sunny days spent by streams babbling waters.


There are my top three favorite poems. Thank you to everyone who entered their poem, I loved reading them. What do you think? And which one is your favorite? I’ll be posting another post with some more fantastic poems soon. . . Probably Monday morning.



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