More Beautiful Poems and Poets

The contest is over, but not the fun. Here are some more amazing poems and their poets for you. Enjoy! 

wide-eyed wanderer


Flowers floating to the ground
petals falling, make no sound
pink snow flying fills the air
petals falling everywhere
flowers in my hair
the scent of spring
fills the air.



Oh, To Be a Dandelion

A child’s sweet puff, surrender to breeze.

To fly with the wind, and land where I please.


Novus Lectio

As i walk with you
I can’t stop feeling
blessed By your presence
A light shine upon us
And our path turns brighter
Than its usual state
When i walk upon alone
Stay with me forever
To grow old and frail together
Let’s leave this life as one
And find each other
in another life for Eternity


Tales from the mind of Kristian

Like sweet honey, the dew drops dripped.

Like summer breezes, the sighs of contentment.

Relaxing, reclining, with day-dreaming intent,

The sunshine caressing the branches and arbours.

The nature lovers ideal never changes, never alters.

Long sunny days spent by streams babbling waters.


Devil’s Advocate

As I observed the tree

I saw its utter depth

The meaning it gives to life

Sadness within me crept

As I touched the bark

I understood what steady meant

Support throughout life

Whether straight or bent

As I counted the branches

Expansion took a new turn

Succession and ancestry are

Not opposites but one

As I closed in on the leaves

I could see beginnings of result

How gradually a small step

Raises a magnificent tumult

As I saw a budding flower

That result became clearer

Now everyone knew

It was a fruit bearer

As the fruit than ripened

It taught me patience

The virtue often lost

Amidst life’s fast cadence

As I zoomed out the picture

Something was missing

How could the tree prosper

How it wasn’t dehiscing

As I was then reminded of roots

I came to a realisation

Success is not far or difficult

When there’s a healthy foundation

As I stood and as I observed

I was filled with regret

That so few of us relate

And repay nature’s debt


Short Prose

Sing me the romance of the lovers

who in another century have met

in evening gardens shadowed by purple violets

and rained with pastel painted butterflies


I’ll live like Venus in Botticelli’s primavera

touched by a gentle wind born in the west

watching the dance of the three graces

with virgin eyes picked from your sweetest dreams

I’ll spring into an evening late in autumn

like Cleopatra under Caesar’s heavy eyes

coiling my naked body into ropes of fire

until i’ll melt like wax the pride of an empire

I’ll live in your words forever

like Mary Magdalene between two worlds

feeling the darkest desperation

when blood was flowing from His wounds

Sing me the romance of the lovers

when the first morning washes our sins

make me immortal with your words

when between pearly silky sheets

two fragrant flowers gently dream.



To stand in the presence of the universe is something indeed.
To feel that blanket of inky black cast itself over your head;
To watch as the stars stitch themselves into the fabric of time;
Revealing to you, the watcher, all the ages of existence.
To stand there with awe is to be reminded of our size;
That we are small beyond belief and are less than a
breath of time as it undulates through space.
There is comfort in this: for we are free, and in the end it shall go on;
There is joy in it too; so stand back, look up, and
Watch the stars, for they too gaze back.


Spring is a time for new beginnings.

Or so they say.

Gentle showers bring May flowers.

So cliché.

Spring for me is a time of endings.

Graduates and proms.

End of school year, summer draws near.

Time becalms.


Well I hope you loved them, because I did!

How was your weekend everyone?

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