One Year Anniversary

DSC_0573 (2)
Monarch in the garden

Well everyone, it has been one year since I first started blogging, and Written In The Ink Blog is a year old. I have learned so much about blogging, writing, WordPress, and online community and friends. I have worked hard to get to where I am, and I’m proud of myself for having the determination to continue writing and blogging here on WordPress.

I have 820+ followers!

Thank you all so much for following me and my blog, I’m really grateful for all of your support and love. Having someone read, like, comment, and re-blog my posts was a huge motivator to keep me blogging.

If anyone has noticed, this monarch butterfly is the first photo I’ve photographed and posted on this blogย here at Monarch in the gardenย and it has appeared in other posts over time, non recently, but in the first few months of blogging. A few other photographs that have appeared here are:

DSC_0572 (2)
Butterfly and its bug friend
DSC_0569 (2)
Kissing the flowers
DSC_0620 (2)
Standing on pink

More Monarch butterfly photos. But what can I say, I love butterfly photography!

Happy anniversary everyone!




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