Raindrops On Me

woman in black top beside green leafed plant


Big and wet.

Fall on me like heaven’s tears.

Are they happy or sad?

I’ll never know in this fleeting moment.


Fill the soft clouds that cover the sky like a blanket.

With mixed emotions, I walk through them.


Falling on me.




5 thoughts on “Raindrops On Me

  1. Simon and Garfunkle wrote about the rain in the song entitled For Emily. “And as I watch the drops of rain…Wearily weave their paths and die, I know that I am like the rain. There before the grace of you go I.” A beautiful use of raindrops as an extended metaphor, like your poem above.

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      1. Actually, I cited the wrong song. Also by Simon and Garfunkle and very similar sounding, I was actually thinking of “Kathy’s Song.” But I just listened to both songs and “For Emily” does refer briefly to the rain also. Both are very beautiful folk songs. I have to wonder whether so much of our present day angst in the western world today is either BECAUSE we are impoverished by a lack of talent by popular artists who no longer make a living from their art like they could 30 or 40 years ago, or that the lack of ongoing production of such material on popular radio and other media IS A REFLECTION of this present era of pragmatism and political ennui. Any thoughts about this?

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