I Like Being In Silence, But I Don’t Like Being Lonely

I like sitting in silence drinking coffee, drawing, imagining what the future has in store for my life, and what will happen.

I like listening to classical music – music without words alone so I can narrate and sing the lyrics to a wordless symphony without outside commentary or voices.

I like swaying and moving to music alone so I can dance the way the music leads me, and not another body.

I like photographing the forest to the voices of the birds to guide my feet and camera lens.

The sound of the babbling brook’s voice sings wordlessly beside me. It has no need of a voice, for beautiful things don’t cry for attention.

I like viewing art in silence, because sometimes I focus more on the art, than on others.

But even though I like silence and being alone most of the time. . .

I don’t like being lonely.

I don’t like when I have a thought to share, but nobody to voice it to.

I don’t like when I have no one to waltz aimlessly around the living room with at random (but often late) hours with.

I don’t like pouring two drinks. . . when it’s only me to drink them.

I don’t like that I’m alone and need a hug.

I don’t like being alone. . . But I am most of the time. . .


Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? now that think about it, it’s one of the reasons I made a blog, to connect with others and make some friends.

One year later, my current follower count is about 884, and when I hit the 900+ mark, I’m thinking about having a post series called “A blogger in the making” or something like that.

It will have about 4-5 individual posts with tips about blogging, finding/making blogging friends, finding blogs that make you happy and weeding out the ones that don’t, and I have a super huge surprise post for the end! (*wink wink*)

If you want to help me reach my goal of 900+ followers by next Saturday, please hit the follow button and the like button as a show of your support! thank you all so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!





10 thoughts on “I Like Being In Silence, But I Don’t Like Being Lonely

  1. Positively Alyssa

    Truthfully, even when in the room with my husband I feel very lonely. He has been lost in his depression issues and God knows what else, which leaves me feeling like even with him in the room, I am always alone! It has been pretty sad lately, but I am doing my best to keep living the best I can!

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