Autumn Themed Writing Contest

Everyone is welcome at this writing contest!

The writing theme will be Autumn. Anything you can think of that goes with this fall season, like, the food, the weather, the changing of the seasons, family gatherings, etc. Also, the contest does not have a particular writing form that you have to write in, (short stories, poetry, etc), so you can be as creative as possible. 

Please share this post with others so that as many people can participate. Also! A blog party will be held on the 10th-15th, so don’t miss out on that, share your blogs link and some feedback for other bloggers!

Here are the guidelines:

  • You must be following my blog for your writing to be entered.
  • The word limit is 25-500 words.
  • All writing pieces must be entered by the 25th.
  • The winners will be announced the 30th.
  • You must either post the entire post in the comments, or share a working link to the post.
  • Write whatever, and however you would like to. (Poetry, short stories, flash fiction, no fiction, something about your life, etc)

 Happy writing everyone, I’m super excited to read everything from you!


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