It’s Change. . .

gray double bell clock

It’s changing again, but I’m not worried about change.

I’m worried about the reaction this time.


Well, change is a healthy natural thing, but it’s called change for a reason. 

Not everyone enjoys things to change before their eyes, it makes them feel like the world is out of their hands. It unsettles people. And I can understand that, I truly can.

But I’m pushing the worry of tomorrow down, and I’m getting rid of yesterdays regrets.

I want to live for today, and begin fresh tomorrow without worrying.

“That sounds nice, living without stress and worry”

Well, it must be, but I’ve never done it before. . .


This is just a short drabble of my thoughts this morning as I woke up. The winners of the autumn themed writing contest will be reveled very soon (two days max!), some more ‘themed’ quotes will be shared, and I’m also sharing some more of my favorite music with you.


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