My Duet

Radio silence? I can’t hear a thing.

Is it my heart or mind that sings?


Hearing music no musicians will ever make.

Singing words that are all but fake.


My soul yearns for a duet.

Beautiful praise fall from the stars.

It’s carried on by the wind.

I hear its exuberant worshiping words.


My duet.

My soul is satisfied.

By your voice in all its glory.

The beauty of your melodies.


Sing to me your song, so my soul’s hunger may be quenched.

So my curiosity may be sated.

so my passion may blossom with the earth.


Hello everyone! How is your week so far? I was inspired to write this after listening to ‘I Am Mountain’ by Gungor recently. Here’s the YouTube video if you want to listen to it.



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