Q&A // Written in the Ink (1)

Just some more blogging things

So this is my first Q&A session here on Written in the Ink Blog, and I’m super excited for all the amazing questions.

Which blog post of yours is your favorite? I don’t have a favorite post, because they all have something different, and they all have a purpose in my blog.

Where do you get inspiration for posts? Pintrest, other blog posts, random thoughts and conversations, and taking relaxing morning showers.

How long have you been blogging for? I have been blogging for almost two years now!

What you have learned? I have learned how to start conversations with other bloggers, and be open to all feedback. Sharing my thoughts with others really challenged my creativity levels and forced me to thing deeper about things and put them into writing.

What are your tips for your followers? Always be yourself, write only what you want and only when you want, surround yourself with a good crowd of bloggers, and keep calm and carry on. I wrote posts with my tips here: Finding Friends in the Blogging World and My 7 Basic Tips For Blogging.

What would you like to write about more? I would like to write more short stories, poetry, and inspirational posts, but at the moment, I have some writer’s block -that came with the gloomy weather lately- and I can’t think of anything new.

My Post

Well, how’s that for my first Q&A session! If you have anymore questions, I’m having another one in January, but I’d love to answer them in the comments. Thank you everyone for asking questions and for reading this far, I really appreciate your love!




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