Reflecting and Sharing Your Stories

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This weekend was a time of reflection, new resolutions, and deep thoughts. Sometimes I wish I could write to you in a handwritten font, just to feel closer to you.

I read a post about the struggles of having internet friends and maintaining your connections between the most meaningful and important ones. I’m not saying that most internet friends aren’t important, but I have friends who I talk with more, and they make an impact in my “internet life”.

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I can understand how difficult it is to open up to people without faces (and the ones with faces!), and the only way to get to know them is by what they write and say. I actually find it easier to talk to random people about things, and to see from their perspectives.

This weekend when I was laying in bed, I tried listening to ambient ocean sounds. It was very calming and I matched my breathing to the waves. During that time of a half hour or so, I reflected to what I had heard from others, and what I said and thought about them.


This month, and for many more, I’m challenging myself to not only think, but to respond to what is being said and done around me. I want to be a lighthouse in the fog of your life, if you are going through something difficult or different, I want to help to guide your ship through the ocean. I will listen to your stories and struggles, and I will strive to give you hope and encouragement.

I had an awakening in my soul, and I feel it calling out to others to receive my light. I want to hear your stories even if you have nothing to say, go to my Contact page with this link, and send out a message, what’s said now can change the future.

person using macbook

So, going back to internet friends and connecting with them. I will be your friend, I won’t interrupt you (because I can’t) when you want to vent, I will be your secrets keeper, and I’ll be your lighthouse in the fog.

I feel calm writing this, because somewhere, someone who needs to read this, is reading this now. I don’t know who you are, or what brought you to read this, but thank you for being here. I’m here for you now. So let’s chat.




7 thoughts on “Reflecting and Sharing Your Stories

  1. One never knows where words can end up or how they can touch a heart somewhere in the world.
    As long as the words can come from the heart they shall be able to reach other hearts and would be able to inspire others.

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