Dealing with Burnout (& blog updates)

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Some of you might have noticed, but I haven’t been totally active with publishing things lately. There is a reason for that! Burnout. Also known as writers block, or having a lack of creativity or motivation for writing. When I realized I was in a state of writers block, I said “this is my cue to take a break from writing and focus on other things, like my art.”

Day 98 #JBP100Plants #the100dayproject #APlantADay

And so I did. I also realized whenever I don’t feel like writing a post, I slap together a Morning Inspiration post. Such as. . . Morning Inspiration (19)Morning Inspiration (20) and Morning Inspiration (21). They were posted all in a row, with almost no thought at all.

During these past two months, I have also re-designed my blog’s layout. With this theme, there is no header photo, so your focal point is the first post on the screen, the writing, and the photos/graphics of the blog posts. Simple, structured, and black & white. Almost minimalistic, but not quite. . .

Day 98 #JBP100Plants #the100dayproject #APlantADay

Burnout happened because, I liked looking at my stats and numbers, they would go up on a day with a post, but almost immediately drop and go to 5-0 views a day, and this happens every week. I thought if the numbers were good, my blogging was also good, right? Wrong! It was lazy and boring at best, and my mood reflected in my inability to write creatively under pressure.

I wanted to free myself from self-expectations and the stress of reading numbers at 11:58 pm on a Tuesday. And so I did, and it feels wonderfully fresh and inspiring.

Day 98 #JBP100Plants #the100dayproject #APlantADay

And at the end of this post, I feel more like myself then I did last week. Thanks for reading, and if you didn’t catch that, I made some visual updates to my blog, visit my blog to see the new look. Next Monday morning will be a blog party post, and everyone is welcome to join and share their blog link. With this, I hope to expand my blog’s following and be more active here.

*Sneak peek of next Monday morning* Akira Morimitsu.jpg

Thanks for reading!


23 thoughts on “Dealing with Burnout (& blog updates)

  1. That was so relatable. I used to get demotivated by the dwindling views on my Stats too and it felt strangely empowering to read something like this. I often used to feel whom is it I’m writing for or more like who is reading what I’m putting out for the world to read but posts like yours made me realize how much writing helps me be myself and you know you have now given me a headstart unknowingly. Thanks for the push and that’s a really pretty layout out there!

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    1. WOW thank you so much for your comment, it really made me happy reading it, and I love when the encouraging energy cycles around to everyone reading. Thank you again Nidhi! 😊💜

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  2. Wow, this really resonated with me! I went through this myself & it can get really discouraging when people aren’t reading your blog despite you putting up new content. I’ve had to train myself not to check numbers too often & keep on producing good weekly content that I’ve enjoyed putting into words.
    Hope your blogging goes well – lovely post! 😀

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  3. I was having a burnout for about 6 months. More than lack of motivation it was due to lack of time though. I’m glad I could end my sabbatical with some awesome posts this week. Thanks. This post is really helpful.

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  4. Yes! It can be discouraging if you look at the stats too hard – like when you think you’ve written an amazing post, it took two whole days and you get only a few likes. The thing is, writing for yourself is enjoyable. So I have to go back to that – getting inspired, writing flash for prompts etc

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  5. I went through a really bad drought of not writing due to my depression last Sept. I was so happy it came back to me by January. However, yesterday was one of those burn-out days. I actually feel better after reading your post. I at least know I’m not the only one that reflects on the stats, and experience doubt and burn-out. 😉

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