Following Joy Bloggers (the blogs I follow)


This is an appreciation post for all the stunning and memorable bloggers I follow and bring me joy, from their blogs, writing, and their internet presence. Joy bloggers are, simple enough, what I like to call bloggers that bring me joy.

ORIGINELE aquarel schilderij Maatregelen: 10 x 8 (25 X 20 cm) Geschilderd op professionele aquarel papier.

I have surrounded myself with people who write about lifestyle, writing, tips & tricks, minimalism, mental health, self-care and love, cats, community, faith, and more. . . I love them all. Some, because they are similar, and some, because they are different.

Lifestyle and Fashion

I never thought I would follow many lifestyle/fashion blogs, but here I am. . . I’m loving it! (lol). I love all the diversity and color from all around the world. My top three are: Slightly Luminous, Demi Akin, and Simply Sagastume.

Travel and Adventure

I love adventurous bloggers who travel and take us with them through their photography and writing. These are my favorites: The Travel Junkie, and Salt & Coconuts.

Writing and Poetry

I have followed sooooo many talented writers, and I cannot even begin to talk about them, but some of my all-time favorites include: Milly Schmidt, When Words fly, Roy Lennic, Alien Poems, Animikais Blogging, and The Nerdy Lion.

ORIGINELE aquarel schilderij Maatregelen: 10 x 8 (25 X 20 cm) Geschilderd op professionele aquarel papier.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my list of joy bloggers, and I hope you would check out their blogs! comment below with one’s you know/follow, and with any others I should check out.

Akira Morimitsu

You can also promote your own blog AT MY BLOG PARTY HERE and I’ll be sure to check them out there. Have a wonder-filled week everyone, and I’ll see you in the next!



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