Let’s Chat // what’s your favorite part of blogging/being a blogger?


I have been blogging for almost a full two years now, and I probably should have asked more questions when I started, but. . .

Let’s chat about blogging, what’s your favorite part of blogging/being a blogger?



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12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat // what’s your favorite part of blogging/being a blogger?

  1. pedrol

    oh well, there are so many things: by one side I feel like in my blog I am free to write and post whatever I like; by other side, all the interaction with the followers and visitors makes me feel happy to see how my posts can be interesting to them 🙂 also, have a blog helps me to develop my english and it skills 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

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  2. Dewana 💓

    One the ability to write , photograph to my hearts content my blog is evolving to be my online journal and a portfolio i look back on and see growth
    Two the amazing people i get to meet though i don’t have any blogger friends they are still amazing and relatable people out there

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  3. Byron

    The freedom to write according to your own feelings. We are able to document our life and thoughts to share with the community. Also the ability to network and help one another in this community. I am still very new at this and firmly believe that the smartest people are the ones who asks many questions. Great post! Thanks!

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