Giving Horrible Advice To Bloggers

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There are so many bloggers who give great advice about writing and blogging, but this one will be a little different. I will be giving you some horrible blogging advice, and what not to do as a blogger. Don’t follow this advice, I’m begging you!

You Have to Write and Post Constantly

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People love to read, and with so many new bloggers filling the internet with their writing, you have to white just as much as the blogger beside you does. Every day, and sometimes twice a day to have as many readers finding your blog as you can.

Sure, you can write and post twice a week and hope for the best, but that’s what “old” bloggers do, and they already have thousands of followers anyway. . .

But You Cannot EVER Run out of New Ideas

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The moment you do, you have to stop blogging and be shamed for being unoriginal. You might try to post some “Weekly . . . ” posts while you’re finding inspiration, but eventually you’ll run out of those too.

Think fast, and write faster. That’s how blogging works. If you don’t write something, another blogger will write it.

Never Take a Break from Blogging or Writing

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Even if it’s just for a week, and you do it “to find new inspiration and rekindle your love for writing poetry” or “to have a mental health break from social media”. It will probably kill your following, and you will have to start over. Just don’t do it, it’s not good for your brain, health, sleep, or anything they say it is.

Don’t Read or Follow Other Bloggers

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Well, you can, but only to check out the competition. I mean, how horrible would it be to actually read them. You would get stuck it another writer’s fantasies, trapped in something you know they don’t work for hours perfecting and proofreading, like you do when you write stories.

And good God! You might actually fall in love with the story and character development! But that’s just ridiculous, that would never happen. . .

Use Only the Photos You Take

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It’s not like there are so many great free stock photo sites you can find the perfect photo on. What do you mean you can’t find an elephant on your desk?!? Did you look under all your art supplies?

Plus, the photographer might track you down, find the exact post with their photo in (that they gave you permission off the site to use in the first place), and demand you take it down.


That’s the end of this post everyone, I was silently giggling through writing this whole post. I find this kind of advice hilarious to write and I had a blast doing it. Have you ever gotten horrible blogging/writing advice? Tell me in the comments! Here are some other ways you can connect & support me.

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19 thoughts on “Giving Horrible Advice To Bloggers

  1. Such important things to keep in mind as a blogger. I laughed at some of these 😀 Since dealing my own blogging back to once a week (but keeping it consistent) it’s really helped me stretch my blogging out with plenty of material to spare. Giving yourself a few days to prepare means you can re-read, polish and touch up every post so it’s the best you can make it. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Do you feel that a particular day of the week works better for you for better publicity, or the specific day doesn’t really matter so long as you do it regularly and consistently?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I’ve found that too 🙂 I initially thought that weekends would be better because people have more time to spare, but seems it doesn’t really matter as long as you do it regularly.

        Liked by 1 person

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