A Dream Of Dragons

I had a dream, and in my dream I traveled through all of time and space and into another dimension and reality where there were only dragons on a huge earth.

In my dream, the dragons were also dreaming. But when they dreamed, they all dreamed together; And in their shared dream, they dreamed of people, here on earth.

Sometimes they dreamed for minutes, sometimes days, and sometimes hundreds of years at a time.

Out of all the dragons, there were six elder dragons, or the counsel, who decided on one dragon to wake all the other dragons from their shared dream.

And as I said, all the dragons dreamed of people, so when they woke up, what happens to all the people?

ewd (51)

well, the one dragon went all around the world to wake all the dragons. So when the dragons woke up. . . all the people disappeared.This was a dream my dad told me, and I was not ready! So, here it is: A Dream Of Dragons by Dad, Wrote by J.A.C, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I plan on posting two other dreams of my own, sometime in the future.

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