Setting Prejudice Aside and Trying The Gutenberg Editor

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Over the past few months, WordPress admins have been really pressing us (haha! get it?) to use the newer post/blog editor, Gutenberg, and the opinions of WordPress bloggers are extremely mixed.

Many love it, others hate it, and others still refuse to even try to use it. In the beginning I was very confused, and I loved the classic post editor, because it closely resembled Microsoft Word. I tried it once, and I had no clue on how to use it, got frustrated and stuck, so I didn’t use it again.

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But here I am. In the future. Using the Gutenberg editor like a professional. Everything I had previously read about Gutenberg now makes sense, and after reading and re-reading the instructions, the editor is quite easy. It makes your posts 100% customizable, and has the ability to move photos and paragraphs to be in any order you want.

The ‘blocks’ are really just custom paragraphs you can use in many ways, and add thing the classic editor can’t dream of doing! Gutenberg looks clean, and open.

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I implore you to at least TRY it, and even if you don’t enjoy using Gutenberg, you always have the ability to switch back to the Classic editor at any time. I suggest taking it one block at a time and mess around with the settings.

In the beginning, I asked if Gutenberg was going to be the only post editor in the future, and they answered yes. I’m not sure how the negative feedback will affect their decisions, but from now on, I will be writing with Gutenberg. If only to be ready, but also because I actually love it now! If you’re still on the fence, or if you’re already using it, comment below! I want to know what you think about it!

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2 thoughts on “Setting Prejudice Aside and Trying The Gutenberg Editor

  1. So pleased to hear you’ve given the Gutenberg editor a go and have enjoyed using it.

    When I first used it, I hated it. However, my biggest mistake was that I had not read and instructions on how to use it, or watched any video tutorials on how it worked. Once I did that, the best piece of advice I got was to set up a draft post on my blog and play around with using Gutenberg. I gradually got to enjoy using it, and am now in the position that I would never go back to using the classic editor.

    It does take some time to get used to it, and it has a huge learning curve, but it’s worth it.

    Given that WordPress is withdrawing support for the classic editor from the end of 2020, I’d highly recommend that everyone starts giving it a try and don’t get left behind when the panic begins.

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