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That’s right! This time I have be going over and answering all your questions and hosting my 2nd Q + A session, and giving you everything I have done to reach my 1150+ followers goal.

Now, I didn’t get very much interaction from my followers when I was planning on writing a Q + A post previously, but I’m not overly worried about that. The questions I did receive, I will be answering in this post, and for all the questions I did not receive, I’ll be answering those too!

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Do you ever feel trapped within your blog? / What makes you feel trapped?

At the moment, yes. I’m not getting a lot of feedback and views on my blog. When I first started blogging, I got 20+ views a day (later upwards of 50+) not a problem. But now, I get about 3-6 views a day, and sometimes not any! I feel trapped in a way because I’m writing, but nobody’s reading it, and it makes me feel really alone and shut out from the blogging community.

Sneak Peak into The Future: I have a blog project I’m currently working on, and this project is something I’ve been REALLY yearning to do. . . Sometime soon, I will be giving one lucky blogger with a free blog makeover!!! It will also help me to start up my online graphic design + blog designing business.

How did you get/reach 1000+ blog followers?

I get asked this question a lot, and over the 2+ years of blogging, I have collected a number of tips & tricks for blogging and writing. Here is everything I have written focused on blogging.

But if I had to answer your question right now, I would say this; Be scared, but also be brave. If you have the passion for writing and connecting with others, it will fuel you to start, but ultimately you will fuel you to do great things.

This post has more answers: Tagged in Project Inspire

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Do you feel the same about blogging as you did when you first started?

My feelings about blogging change. Some days I love blogging, and some days I hate blogging. When I first started, it felt fresh and new, and now that I’ve been blogging for 2+ years, it’s not so “new” anymore. Still fun, but sometimes when I’m not in a writing mood it feels like a chore.

What kind of music do you listen to when you blog?

I like movie soundtracks. Right now I am listening to the Murder On The Orient Express soundtrack. I suggest listening to No. 1 – No. 5.

I like music that makes me think and imagine. This soundtrack does just that and more.

This has more answers: My Summer Playlists

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What’s your life dream?

I want my life to be good. I don’t care about perfect, but I want a good life. To be a well-known artist/designer/graphic designer & singer/musician/song-writer, to be loved and to love others, to ultimately be successful with the work I do and the life I live, to laugh at bad jokes and cry about sad things with others without shame, and to give my family a place to rest when they visit me.

My dream would end with me in a mansion upon the hills of California, and to live with wealth but also humility and grace for those around me. This may change, and I might move on, but right now it’s what I dream about.

Are you planning about hosting any giveaways?

I’m so glad this question came up! I am planning out a free blog makeover giveaway soon for all my followers, there will be only 1 lucky winner, and I’m super excited about it! In the future I might do some art, books, packages, etc, giveaways. But a blog makeover giveaway is on the top of my list.

You can find my designs shop here: My Graphic Design + Blog Shop

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How long do you think you will continue blogging for?

I don’t think about this a lot, and at this point I’m not sure. Maybe 10+ years. I would like to keep writing & blogging for a long time, but I have also thought about starting other things like YouTube/vlogging. I think people are becoming more visual learners, and I love videos, so I might try that. Perhaps next summer, but again, I’m not sure.

I would like to make money off my writing/blog, and I have been trying to get people interested in my designs shop, but it seems like it’s a lost cause at this point. If you would like to support me, please visit my shop, or directly support me by Patrion.

Links: My Shop Page

What do you think people will blog about in the future?

The same as they have been blogging about now! Books and writing, lifestyle and their own life, clothing/fashion, graphic design, photography, sports, work, spirituality and beliefs, food, etc. I don’t see blogging changing for a long time.

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How do you think the world will change in 10 years?

I have some ideas: The oceans will get cleaned, the rain forests will keep growing, space exploration will get better, and people will have to accept natural things.

What do you look for in friends?

All I want is honesty.

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Thanks for reading to the bottom of my 2nd Q + A post. I love these questions, and I had a great time reading through them at the end. Which one is your favorite? Tell me below. Connect with me on my social media and pages, and don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and re-blog!

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  1. I get asked lots of times ‘how do I get people to read my blog and leave comments?’ There are lots of ways (too many to go into here) but the biggest trap, people who ask this question, fall into is that they say they don’t have the time to read and comment on other blogs. I know all our lives are busy, but even reading and leaving one meaningful comment a day is far better than none at all. Not everyone will return the visit, but many do. It’s a great way to build up a community and become a part of the blogging communities out there.

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