The rules/guidelines to this giveaway:

  • You have to be following my blog.
  • Comment down below with what a blog makeover would mean to you/your blog, and do not forget to LINK YOUR BLOG.
  • You can only comment/enter once.
  • You can only re-blog once.
  • The winner will be chosen based off your blog and comment.

What the winner will be receiving:

  • A complete blog makeover.
  • One blog button with your blog’s name on it.
  • One header photo/graphic with your blog’s name on it.
  • One blog logo.
  • Help designing and setting up a homepage for your blog. (If you want one)
  • If wanted, a change of your blog theme. (If you have a free plan, you will only get another free blog theme.)

I hope to see many bloggers enter this giveaway, because I think every blogger should have a blog that looks like their dream blog. Last year I was giving away free blog makeovers, but now that my blog following has grown to 1135+, I now charge for every commission.

Don’t hesitate to enter.

Cactus no. 4 acuarela lámina de arte por YaoChengDesign en Etsy

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      1. many many thanks that u came forward for my help . I have sent friend req in Facebook which you will find as Sayak De …plz accept it . U said that u are going to give away a theme which I badly need of .
        And I seriously need ur precious follow and some tips to grow my site 🙂 HAVE A GOOD DAY.

        Liked by 1 person

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