My Spirit Was Uplifted | 1st Day Of Blogmas

ALTERNATE title – the gift of youth and LAUGHTER

During the first week of November, my youngest sister decided to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the new 2018 version). As the movie ran, the other members of the family slowly trickled in to the family-room and piled onto the couch. And I thought to myself -as Pentatonix chased the Grinch though town- is is too early to be thinking about Christmas? So later that night, I made two Christmas themed playlists, and started thinking again (twice in one night? really?!?!) about how I love my family and about how Christmas brings us together in a way no other holiday does.

So at 12: 27 am, while trying not to dance around the house with my extravagant holiday playlists, I said to myself “it’s time to say the obvious, we all knew it was coming this year”. You may be wondering just what I’m talking about. (HINT: LOOK AT THE 2ND TITLE).

This Christmas, my gift to you is the gift of youth and laughter. In this way, I am telling you I’m 16, and we can both laugh! SURPRISE EVERYONE, I’M 16!

I turned 16 this October. And during that time, I had been fighting with my heart about this, and when I was with my family, my spirit had been uplifted and I just knew it was time. By revealing this, I’m not loosing anything but gaining something. I tried pretending to be older than I am for about three years, and I’ve gotten to the point in my life that I am so comfortable with my life. So it was time for me to be who I already was.

Reindeer Christmas watercolor with Bouquet on the antler. Premium Vector

Thank you for reading, as you might know, I’m doing blogmas this year. It’s the first time I’ve been able (time wise) to participate in blogmas. I love reading all the blogmas posts out there, and I’m adding some of my posts to the mix! I’m posting a post every day for the whole month of December! (So blogmas and the 12 days of Christmas).

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