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I’ve been blogging for about three years, and I was going to write this post sooner (in October), but I was feeling under the weather. I’m glad I made it to three years of blogging, and your lovely comments along the way encouraged me to continue to write and blog. Here are some highlights from my three years of blogging:

Three GOOD things

I got to make many friends and connections with people all over the world. My writing skills have improved a lot, and I’m trying new styles of writing and blogging. And I believe blogging with a community have helped me grow as a person.


I’m not mad or upset with myself for doing these, and I think it’s good to write these, just to keep my head from getting too big! It took me forever to choose a name and theme for my blog, so I made over 30 blogs in the three years of blogging! On one of my other blogs, I plagiarized another blogger. Not my best moment, that’s for sure! Last one; I almost deleted/lost my blog because I forgot my passwords, Oops! You can read about my top five blogging mistakes here.


I’m a blog designer, and graphic designer, and you can go to my shop HERE, AND YOU CAN GET HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS! I’m the co-admin for a community blog named Pencliff, and I’ve been helping run the blog for almost two whole years. I have wrote 200+ blog posts now! How exciting!

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