I have another blog, new post series, and life updates / Q & A

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Hey everyone, this blogger Q & A is quite different. No one has asked questions (I didn’t ask for any questions, oops!), but I need to talk about some things. Life’s getting harder. It was hard before, but things keep changing, and it’s getting really hard trying to keep up with everything now.

Am I going to have another blogging hiatus?

I don’t know. I really don’t want to stop, but some things on my side of the blog are getting difficult for me to write and blog a lot right now.

Things are changing, and I’m thinking about starting/writing on another blog to talk about more personal life related things. Like mental health, daily struggles, ideas, and such.

Would anyone read it? Would I care? Would it help me to share my struggles and life things?

Actually. . . I’ve already made another blog. It’s on private right now, and I haven’t put anything on it yet, but is anyone interested?

It might be nice to just write and not worry about people reading/seeing it. I might keep it on private for now, but if anyone asks, I’d like to share it with them.

I think there is power in sharing struggles and exchanging words of encouragement with each other.

If you have any questions for me, ask me in the comments, or at the contact page (link below). I would love to answer questions and hear from you all!

What are my future blogging and posting plans?

I’m starting a new post series soon, it’s called Blogger Talks: Blogger Talks is all about documenting the writing and blogging process, getting to know the person behind the screen, and sharing our inspirations, motivations, passions, and favorite places to write.

I’m looking for guest bloggers for this series, and I’ll have another post just for this out soon. But if you’re interested sharing a quote, introducing yourself, answering a few questions about you/your blog, and more, comment below and give me a shout-out!!!

Please comment below, and let’s talk!

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6 thoughts on “I have another blog, new post series, and life updates / Q & A

  1. Great post! I’m very interested in reading your new series Blogger talks and I would love to be a part of it. Hope I will here from you soon!! Xx

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