I Changed My Blog Theme To The One I Started With 4+ Years Ago

I feel like my writing makes sense to me now. After searching for 4+ years for the perfect blog theme to frame my writing, I revisited my first theme and got really emotional.

I had really missed it! And now I’m reading through my old writing, and I know why I felt out of control. . .

My blog theme was making me sad! Wait what?!?

It’s true! If you live in a blank/dark/monochromatic home, you might feel really sad looking at it and living in it all the time.

I got sad living in my blog, so I went back home. I think it’s the best thing I could have done in 2020. You know, going back to my roots and writing again like I have 100 followers instead of 1200+ followers.

It’s an emotional release for me, and when I activated the theme again, I felt a physical weight lift itself off my shoulders.

Try it! #2020blogthemerewind

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5 thoughts on “I Changed My Blog Theme To The One I Started With 4+ Years Ago

  1. The right theme can make one’s blog really stand out. Plus, if we’re comfortable with our theme, then it makes it easier to write, IMO. I’ve changed themes several times and always go back to the same one. Thank you for following PoetryPalette,

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