The Three Elements Of Writing A Great Blog Post

two cups of coffee with saucer on table

Being a blogger is hard. Being a blogger who is still learning how to put together blog posts is even harder. But as long as you have good elements, and know how to put them together, you’ll be able to get by just fine. Here’s my take on the basic elements of creating a great blog post, I hope this helps you!

The first element is the title, you can make your title at two points:

Before you write your post, and after you’re finished writing your post.

When I write informational/tips & tricks posts like this, I start by writing the title, that way I have a clear goal set for me to write about. But, when I’m writing poetry and short stories, I often write out everything, then go back and write the title.

The second element is your photo choices: something to catch the readers eye.

Photos with:

  • coffee
  • cats
  • a laptop/desk setup
  • someone writing/writing supplies
  • fairy lights/candles

Are often associated with writing posts, it adds an element of comfort and sets the tone of your entire post. If I started this post with a photo of random vegetables, you might be quite confused reading this post, because vegetables have nothing to do with what I’m writing about.

Your first photo -at the top of your post- should complement your title, and almost reflect or add to your topics and content.

man sitting while using MacBook on lap

The last element is always going to be the writing itself.

Many times this is where your blog post could fall apart. Being able to write in a clear and concise manor is a skill bloggers of all sorts should have. Weather you start with it, or learn it along the way. Having your words understood is the point of writing. . . unless your really enjoy confusing people!

Start with a topic, then once you’ve found it, start thinking about have you want to set the tone of your writing. I choose to write as if I’m talking to a group of people face to face, often as a friend, because that’s what I feel I’m doing.

You could choose to write as:

  • a friend
  • a teacher
  • family, quite personal
  • someone quite emotional
  • someone simply stating facts
  • someone with a vendetta against the color orange.

Does that all make sense? This all leads back to your topic really. But however you choose to portray yourself through your writing, you must remember to write clearly, and without many writing errors.

Everything can be edited when you’re done, or even as you write. But in my opinion, you should try to have a good first draft. Then, read over your writing once or twice to find any misspelled words and confusing sentences.

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