NEW 2020 POST SERIES | Blogger Talks

To kick off the new year of 2020, I thought I’d introduce an idea I had in late December, as a way to kick off the new year of 2020, blogger talks. It may not be super original to a lot of you, but I really enjoy working on these kinds of posts. I have a passion for working with other bloggers, so enjoy!

In this post series, I’ll be talking in depth about blogging topics, and revealing some blogger secrets no one want the readers to know! (I’m only slightly exaggerating).

Interviews with popular bloggers, blogging secrets, online friends, community operated blogs, and more! I’m spilling the tea, welcome to Blogger Talks everyone!

I’m looking for guest bloggers for this series

You’ll get great exposure as a blogger, and with links to your blog, it could boost your readership. And if this sounds interesting to you, please comment and send me an email at my contact page (link below).

I have a few people already lined up to be a guest blogger with me, and I’m super excited about it!

The questions I’ll be asking are going to be blogging and writing related, but otherwise a surprise!

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11 thoughts on “NEW 2020 POST SERIES | Blogger Talks

  1. Hello Queenie I have lost the post for the questions you asked of me for this2020 Blogger Talk Series. I need the second question as I have already answered the first one. I have searched my files and can not find that post you sent to me. Thanks for your help Queenie is much appreciated my friend.

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