A Huge Question that will Help Decide the Future of my Blog

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This is actually quite close to my heart, and after a lot of time thinking about this, I have decided now to ask you all, my readers and followers and friends here on WordPress.

A while back in 2019, about mid-summer, I got an email from a followers with vision problems, and she was asking if I could turn my posts into audio versions of themselves. I had no clue as to how I could do this, and I still have no ideas of how to code and work with audio files.

But! I know how to start and make podcasts! So, my burning question for all of you is. . .

Would you like to hear audio versions of my posts, in a podcast format, with added commentary from myself about said post?

I have a few ideas of how I could do this:

  1. Make a podcast on a podcast platform, and host it there, but also publish it on my blog.
  2. Make a podcast on a podcast platform, and have another blog simply for the podcast itself (on WordPress).
  3. Only have it on my blog, as audio recordings of the posts.

I really like the idea of having it on a podcast platform, that way I would be getting more exposure for my blog. And I would be posting links to the new episodes in the actual blog posts.

What do you think? What should I do?

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6 thoughts on “A Huge Question that will Help Decide the Future of my Blog

  1. Podcasts are a lot of fun to make, but just make sure that if you’re going to make the extra effort and go that far, that you have a plan for promotion. Everyone and their dogs seem to be making podcasts these days, soooo you want to make sure people are actually going to listen!!!

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