Resetting My Writing Process + Looking For Guest Bloggers!

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After watching many episodes of Death In Paradise and Magnum PI, I still hadn’t come up with anything to write about on Monday or Tuesday morning. And as I went to write, I still had nothing!

I’m frustrated with not being able to stick to a regular writing schedule, and I feel sometimes like I’m disappointing my readers, and myself.

I know that I’m not actually letting anyone down, and I know that being a bit of a writing sloth is nothing to be ashamed of. So, I’m sort of forcing myself to write, in hope of lifting my spirits.

Sometimes I have to take a step back and breath before I feel like typing out words again.

Making yourself a cup of tea can also really help to reset your creative mind and it gives you some time to think about your writing. And by mapping out your post in your mind, it helps to make every word intentionally placed.

Even though this post is short, what it did was help me reset my mind and it helped me focus on the words and thought process of writing, other than the post itself, taking the stress out of writing.

On a separate note, would anyone like to have a guest post here on my blog? I would love to work with more bloggers this year. Comment below, and send a message in the contact page. Take a look through my blog feed, and if you make similar content, I think you should try it out. Thanks!

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