How To Re-Design Blogs In 3 Steps

I really love talking about introducing business into blogging, and it’s something I think every blogger should know. Re-designing blogs -for me- is a three step process, let me break some of it down for you.

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1 – Start by making a game plan with your client

Go through every detail with your client; Such as general website theme and layout, color pallets, blog page layouts and single page layouts, fonts, etc.

You don’t want to go in blind, and if they write posts already, read some of them to get an idea of their style. Once you have all the general information, you can then. . .

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2 – Make changes, but keep in mind, it’s not your blog in the end

Something I always keep in mind when I’m making changes or suggestions on someone’s blog, is that it’s not my blog. And if I make a mistake, I should quickly fix it, and if I get confused or lost, I ask for more clarification on the direction of the project.

As you get going, another thing to remember is a blog to a blogger is their home. Be respectful and calm throughout the process, because they might not like every change, and it’s up to you to adjust them according to their wishes and styles.

Hey, just real quick, I’m working on some new projects for the blog (and yes, this post was a huge hint), so stay tuned to what’s about to happen. Thanks for reading, this last point is the biggest and most important thing people miss.

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3 – It’s not about the money or final product, it’s about the joy you’re giving to another person

This is mt number one point everyone, and I really want you to soak in what I’m about to say.

I don’t re-design blogs to get rich, or to be able to say “yeah, I worked with them, and re-designed their blog!”, or even because I’m good at what I do, and neither should you! I work with other bloggers to bring them joy, and I genuinely love being able to help others enjoy every process of being a blogger.

If the only thing you care about today is getting paid, take a step back and reevaluate that. Don’t drive yourself to work harder if your only motivation is money. That’s just sad, I’m sorry!

To me, being able to give someone a sense of joy and pride from looking at their blog -essentially their online home- is the only thing I strive and work for, getting a reward in the end is only, well, a reward!

If you need something quick to read and remember, remember this: Strive for the moment you get a genuinely positive response for your work. Respect a blog as an extension of the person, it’s never just a blog. Lastly, communication is where most fail, keep in constant contact through the process, this will bring you closer and it will be super easy for you in the end.

If you have questions, or need some help, leave a comment!

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