Blog Update Q+A and a little health PSA

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Greetings everyone! I just want to check in with all my readers and see how you all are. A Lot of thing’s have been happening, and especially with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it’s super weird in the world. Stay safe everyone!

Make sure to drink lot’s of water, and keep yourself in good health. I don’t know enough about this to give you good advice, but just do research from trusted professionals, and follow their instructions.

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Some Blog Q & A For You

What are you updating on the blog?

  • I have a lot of new header photos for the blog, and I think I’ll change them every month now.
  • I have made some updates in my design shop.
  • And I’ll be adding a new work portfolio page!!! Check it out here. I’m still working on it, but any feedback on any of the pages is welcome!

Does your design shop have any discounts?

Yes! Everything is now 35% off, but you need to be fast, because next month I’m making even more changes. Go to my shop page now and get 35% off your next order of graphic designs, blog makeovers, and advertisement slots on my blog.

What are advertisement slots? How do they work?

Okay, this is a new thing I have on my blog. Use this link to go to the page.

  • You can buy space on my blog’s homepage to advertise a specific page or post on your blog.
  • Each space is $5.25 USD, and it lasts for one week. I also have two and three week plans, but they are a little more expensive.
  • There are only three (3) spaces at a time.
  • I accept payments through PayPal.
  • Your blog gets a custom-made blog button, and a short introduction, and it will be displayed on my blog’s homepage.

You just have to provide me with some information about your blog, and a link. I will take care of the rest!

Guest bloggers are wanted on Pencliff blog! A community of creators writing to inspire people.

I have been a part of The Pencliff Blog for about three years, and over that time I have met so many wonderful writers and bloggers from all around the world. I would love to invite some more bloggers onto our writing team, and my hope for this blog is to grow as a community of amazing and diverse creators.

Please join us as we continue to inspire others, and share our writing.

What are your blogging goals for 2020?

I’m super excited for this year, as I believe it is a year of growth and learning. And not just for me, but for everyone!

I am working on:

  • Building up and promoting my designs shop and advertisement services on my blog.
  • Connecting with many more bloggers.
  • Being comfortable blogging when I want to blog, and not when I think I need to publish a new post.
  • Work on my Facebook page, and find some groups for WordPress bloggers, or make one.

And that’s all for now, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you some time next week!

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