7 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

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Another list! I’m on a roll everyone. This is for everyone who’s stuck inside, at home, with nothing to do. So here are my favorite things to do when I’m stuck inside. Enjoy!

Write and blogging and journaling

As a blogger and writer myself, this is one of the best things you could do when you’re out of things to do at home. Being stuck inside your home does not mean you have to be stuck inside your mind. You could do some journaling, and take your time making lists and looking over your week.

Art and design and painting

Art is a way to express yourself, and often artists create art when they are feeling a sort of strong emotion. You don’t have to be particularly inspired to create art or design something. Often the most you have to do is pick up your pencil, pen, or brush of choice and start sketching out something.

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Do some baking

There’s something magical about baking on a rainy day, and it’s not just the soft background noises of the rain against your window pain, or the contrast between the heat of an oven and the cool of the wind outside. I might just love baking, but I find that if my home is warm and bright, I forget about how dark and gloomy it is outside. 

Read some books and blog posts

I have a confession. . . I don’t really read books, because I don’t ever think I have the time. But I read a lot of blog posts throughout my day. They are short and easy to read, and it helps me stay connected with a lot of things happening in the world, and in the minds of others. 

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Clean your home and office space

We did a lot of cleaning over here, and there’s nothing better than being able to see the surface of my desk again, and to be able to use it as a desk!

Call your family and friends

If you live away from your family, just giving them a call to check in with them is really nice. It may be easy, or it may be hard. Calling friends is sometimes easier for me, because I have a lot of things to talk about with them. Mostly pop culture things, but there’s always something.

Virgo : When Marnie Was There

Watch a good movie 

I have some movie suggestions for you: anything from Studio Ghibli, including Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, and Totoro. I just watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, and it’s simply delightful! I love the story, and the animations and it’s just a great film. 

And that’s the end to this list, I hope you have found some inspiration from this post, and I’ll see you next week.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re stuck inside?

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