This time, I’m helping bloggers redesign their blogs for free! and I would love to help you make your dream blog come true for you, because I’ve met so many bloggers who are not satisfied with the way their blogs look, and I want to help.

The rules/guidelines to this giveaway:

  • You have to be following my blog.
  • Comment down below with what a blog makeover would mean to you/your blog, and don’t forget to LINK YOUR BLOG.
  • You can only comment/enter once.
  • The winner will be chosen based off your blog and comment.

What the winner will be receiving:

  • A complete blog makeover.
  • One blog button with your blog’s name on it.
  • One header photo/graphic with your blog’s name on it.
  • Help designing and setting up a homepage for your blog. (If you want one)
  • If wanted, a change of your blog theme. (If you have a free plan, you will only get another free blog theme.)

I hope to see many bloggers enter this giveaway, because I think every blogger should have a blog that looks like their dream blog. I have been re-designing blogs for almost three years, and I know how much a blog means to a blogger. It’s your second home, and you deserve to be happy with it.

Don’t hesitate to enter

Contact me today and let’s talk and work it out. All work done is free, but being professional is guaranteed. I want to help people make their dream blog look how they want it to look, you deserve it. So let’s make this happen!

Update: I forgot to mention that this giveaway will be open until Wednesday night (the 8th)

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  1. What an amazing offer/contest! I’m going to enter but I surly hope I’m not the only one. is my blog where I share my knowledge and experience on the job hunt and mix it up with love of tiki. A makeover would mean my blog doesn’t suck to look at. Though I have far far fewer followers than you and don’t think I’d personally be the best use of your talents. Come on everyone, comment and enter!

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  2. Dang it! Someone beat me to it. Well Pau, your wish is coming true. I have a site and the blog portion of it hasn’t started yet, but I will write eventually. My blog is and I’ll be writing about Matterport, UX design, product management agile. Not nearly as good as tiki stuff, but hopefully as useful for anyone interested in those topics. Queenie, what spurred this generous and fun contest?

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    1. Well I haven’t helped someone re-design their blog in a while, and I felt quite bored. But it’s always makes me happy to help others with their blogs! πŸ˜€ Thanks for entering!

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