I’M GETTING TIRED OF FAKE BLOGGERS | a rant, and emotional burnout

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I honestly feel so tired right now, so here’s a rant about a blog and blogger. . .

I was a part of a blog with nine other bloggers *cough*the pencliff blog*cough* , and everything looked perfect. . .

But behind the scenes, it was not. The blog’s creator (who I thought was a good friend at the time!) was absent and neglectful for almost two years, and he was just basically never around for long.

I gave, and I gave, and I gave everything into this blog, and he never gave back. Empty promises and nothing solid. I have made so many updates on that blog, and I was being used!

All my hard work, and for what?

Nothing apparently. He has neglected this community blog, but when I asked to take over for him, and take care of the blog, he decided that if he couldn’t have it, then no one could. So he told us to leave, then deleted it.

The end!

So it would seem.

I wish he would have changed his mind, I wish I had fought just a little bit harder, longer, stronger. If not for the blog, then for the people who I can call my friends, my blogger friends. . .

But I could not. After almost three years, I had nothing left to give. There was no more fire in my belly, and I had noting positive to say about him or the blog.

Except. . . Apparently it was all for nothing, but for me, it was everything.

I would wake up every day and one of the first things I did was check on that blog, like it actually mattered, and the owner didn’t have the decency to post one post a month!

Oh man, well that’s all. I’m tired, so tired and emotionally drained by all of this. . . I think I’m going to take some time now to reflect, and meditate on this long and draining experience.

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