Coffee During Quarantine | I have a Ko-Fi page now & blog poll updates

green cactus plant on white ceramic mug

If you’ve enjoyed my content over the years, and you would like to support me over the time of quaantine, please consider buying me a coffee for $3.00 USD. It would mean a lot to me to be supported by my blog and followers, and be able to support myself while stuck at home.

What is a Ko-Fi page?

Ko-Fi is a smaller and easier version of Patreon. Instead of donating on a monthly basis, you simply give an amount of $3.00 USD once; or really how ever many times you would like, but there’s no commitment of having a monthly subscription.

What are your goals for Ko-Fi?

My first “goal” isn’t blogging related, but it’s important to say what I will be doing with your donations. My first goal is raising money for a new video camera so I can start a YouTube channel, and any extra money will go towards upgrading my blog plan and domain.

(gif of Kiki & Jiji)

I’m hoping to start my YouTube channel this summer, with a lot of summer related videos/content, and I’ve just always wanted to start making videos!

Buy Me a Coffee at

If you would like to support me, my blog, and my new YouTube channel, please donate a “coffee” on my Ko-Fi page or my Patreon page (links are in my sidebar and social media menus) I really appreciate your support and love of my blog, and I’m just looking for ways that I can expand my craft, and grow as a creative artist.

Also, if you’re reading this post on my blog, here’s the same blog poll I posted earlier: What do you want to see in the future?

You can still vote! (this poll will end on the 10th). Weekly post about featured bloggers/blogs is popular, along with podcast versions of posts. What would you like to see me try on my blog in the future, and within the next month?

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog, leave a comment below with any suggestions/feedback and questions you have for me, because I would love to hear from you!

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