Leaving, Looking Back, and Returning To Writing and Blogging

My last real blog post was last year in October. I thought there were so many things to write that year, but the more I glared at my blank page I began to realize that it was not the page’s problem, it was mine. I set myself up for defeat last year. I had nowhere to grow in my writing.

I thought I would do blogmas and happy new years posts, the safe and uninspired sort of posts I became used to doing. I thought I would talk about becoming a newer, happier person who grew mentally and emotionally in the year of 2020.

When in reality, 2020 was the year I hid in my “hermit crab” shell and shut myself down. I told myself “doing nothing is alright, bad things can’t happen to people who stay home.” But I was wrong. I became depressed and numb to my emotions and personal needs. I started feeling depressed in early autumn of 2020, and It got worse over time.

I started making lists this year, more specifically this month, of posts I would write if I started blogging again and now I have a really nice long list of future blog posts I think people will enjoy reading.

I have written and published 270 blog posts all together, and I’m proud of that number. But it means nothing in the long run. This year is a true year of growth for me and my writing, and I will make the most of it. Another number is the number of followers I have on my blog now, 1371+. I am overjoyed by you being a part of this community and reading my blog posts, it’s wonderful for me to know you’re there for me.

Some of my favorite posts of 2020:

Here are the posts I’m most proud of last year, these are the posts I wanted to read as a blogger and I loved writing them. It’s nice to look back and see what I’m really passionate about writing. I hope I can work to feel more like myself this year, not like the monochrome girl of 2020.

Here’s to new beginnings, and thank you all so much for reading!

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