3 Important Things That Help Me Have A Good Night’s Sleep

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I have an erratic sleeping schedule, and anxiety that comes and goes in waves, and it’s hard for me to be calm enough to sleep sometimes. I’m not fancy in any way, and my nightly routine is so simple, but for now, I want to talk about my favorite night things and what helps me get a good night’s sleep after I’m in bed.

Because of anxiety, I sometime stay up as late as 2:00 AM or later just thinking and replaying my day. Yikes! But I’ve been trying to sleep better now, and these three things really help me to take my mind off things and fall asleep quickly.

Calming ASMR playlists

(I highly recommend this video with wood sounds, it’s so soothing.)

On nights when my anxiety is bad, or when I have too much energy, I like putting on ASMR to listen to. Nothing with voices, just calming sounds. It really helps to have the sound on low and just focus on breathing and calming down.

I try to take my earbuds out before I fall asleep, but one night, I fell asleep with with my earbuds in and my ASMR on, and woke up at 4:00 AM with the ASMR still playing! LOL.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

A warm and fuzzy blanket to sunggle with

I don’t even have to elaborate with this, but it’s so cozy to have a blanket just for cuddling. I used to share a bed with my little sister, and I used to sleep really well, but now I just have a blanket, and that’s sort of sad, but oh well…

However! When the weather heats up, that may be a different story, and having a cozy blanket might not be so nice anymore… I might try swapping it for a pillow I can hold.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

No reading/playing on my phone in bed

Aside from playing ASMR and setting a morning alarm, I really try not to be on my phone after I get in bed. It takes up so much time, and I always have a hard time sleeping after being on my phone. I also wear glasses, so straining my eyes by looking at a bright phone screen is just a pain!

Not being on my phone in bed helps me to keep my mind clear and calm and be ready to sleep. And when I’m feeling like I have to do something, I write and draw in a journal I keep by my bedside.

End Thoughts?

I like having a little routine at night, even if I don’t follow it every day. I have been enjoying having a really simple night routine, and this one is enough to actually make a difference for me. Some days, the best part is getting into bed and going to sleep, and actually being able to sleep is good! What is the best part of your nights? Do you have a night routine?

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you get lots of good sleep and good mornings!

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