3 Important Things That Help Me Have A Good Morning

Photo by InstaWalli on Pexels.com

In my last post I talked about what help me have a good night, and now it’s time toto talk about what helps me have calm mornings.

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Calm music playlists

I love music and sound in general, so having a good playlist in the morning is key. Music can change my entire day, and for me, it’s so important to have a good mood in the morning. Otherwise you might as well throw the whole day away, I’m not getting any work done!

I’ve been listening to calm K-Pop, Lo-Fi, and piano music recently, and some days I listen to energizing Pop and Indi music.

I listened to this playlist on YouTube this morning while still laying in bed, and it was a wonderful way to wake up!

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

A good cup of tea (or coffee!)

I have always enjoyed having a drink of something sweet in the morning. Tea and coffee are big drinks in my house, tea by me, and coffee for my parents.

If my mom catches one of us going downstairs in the morning, she will wake up like a zombie “I need Cofffffeeeeeee… please put the water on the stove” LOL I can’t help but think that’s going to be me someday!

I like green tea with honey, black tea with sugar, and chai sometimes. When it’s cold, or when I wake up early, I will have two cups of tea, but usually I only time time for one in the morning.

Photo by Matthias Cooper on Pexels.com

Going outside for some fresh air

I try to get out of bed and go downstairs quickly, so that way I don’t stay in bed for too long. And when I have my cup of tea in hand, and I’m dressed or wrapped in a blanket, I attempt to venture outside to my backyard.

Often times cold and windy, but the sun is warm and the birds are out! And it helps me breath in the morning by getting out of the stuffy house air!

End Thoughts?

I like having a little routine in the morning, even if I don’t follow it every day. I am a person of comfort and I have been enjoying having a good morning routine, and this one is calm and quietly motivating for me. What is the best part of your morning? Do you have a morning routine?

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you get lots of good sleep and good mornings!

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