Welcome! Written in the ink blog is mostly a writing blog, that includes writing about my random adventures and experiences. (Of Fact and Fiction) I also love photography but unless stated, the main photos will come from the free WordPress library or free stock photo sites.

I usually update twice a week, but not on Sundays. Also, Mondays can be tricky but my schedule is clearing up so I should have more time to be active.

Some other random things about me aside from being an avid cat lover, over-inspired cartoonist and artist, peppy photographer who photographs just about anything and everything, and drinker of both coffee and tea. I’m a writer of the random, you could say I’m a living question, because asking questions is something I just love to do. But in the end, I’m human. And being human is something I am proud of, because it means I can relate to about seven billion people, with one thing. I’m human.