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It’s Christmas eve, soon it will be Christmas day, and I can’t help but be thankful this year. Thankful for everyone around me, for the gift of family and not just the gifts that fit under the Christmas tree or in a stocking above the fireplace.

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BLOGGING FOR 3 YEARS + 3 things tag | 11th Day Of Blogmas

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I’ve been blogging for about three years, and I was going to write this post sooner (in October), but I was feeling under the weather. I’m glad I made it to three years of blogging, and your lovely comments along the way encouraged me to continue to write and blog. Here are some highlights from my three years of blogging:

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Guest Post By Erica Wagner | 5th Day Of Blogmas

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing an interview I did with another blogger in November, her name is Erica Wanger and here’s a link to her blog. This is the first time I have had a guest blogger on my blog, and I was really excited. Here is her post that inspired me to invite her onto my blog – How to Beat the Winter Blues – It fit my winter/holiday theme, and it’s a great read! I really enjoyed working with her, and her answers are great for this winter. Enjoy!

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