I Love You Back. . .

Pouring like rain,

Flowing like springs.

Your love encompasses my entire being, Continue reading “I Love You Back. . .”


The Spring Poetry Contest Winners and Poems

Well dear readers, the time has come to announce the winners of the spring themed poetry contest! You all are amazing, but I did have some poems that stuck out to me. And in first place is. . .  Continue reading “The Spring Poetry Contest Winners and Poems”

Whispering Things. . .

Whispering things into the night, whether they’re wrong, or whether they’re right. If you hear them, turn away, because if you hear them, you’ll want to stay.

From where we are, standing silently in the darkened hallway. With the night winds whispering, we can hear the silent secret whispered words, dripping off the tongues of the condemned confessors. Pleading for silence and secrecy. Closure, some would say. Continue reading “Whispering Things. . .”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Our new love, with heartstrings being played, blossoms like flowers in spring. . .

But am I being to Cliché? Everything I tell you now, you will have already heard before. So let me try making some words you would like to hear. . .

Your eyes that glimmer like a crystal blue river, speckled with the colors of newly unfurled spring leaves, reflecting the sun in every which way. Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”