Take My Blog Poll | what do you want to seen in the future?

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I love asking and answering questions, and I know I’m not the only one who loves clicking buttons, so here’s a poll for you. I’ve been thinking about all of these, and I’m interested in perhaps trying some of them, while we’re all stuck at home with nothing better to do.

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Nominated For The Liebster Award

A huge thank you goes out to my dear friend Sidharth, from Writing Rhymes. Over these few days, he has inspired me to write several poems that you’ll see on my blog. I was feeling a bit depressed lately, and he has been a true friend to talk to.

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Blog Update Q+A and a little health PSA

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Greetings everyone! I just want to check in with all my readers and see how you all are. A Lot of thing’s have been happening, and especially with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it’s super weird in the world. Stay safe everyone!

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A Huge Question that will Help Decide the Future of my Blog

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This is actually quite close to my heart, and after a lot of time thinking about this, I have decided now to ask you all, my readers and followers and friends here on WordPress.

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NEW 2020 POST SERIES | Blogger Talks

To kick off the new year of 2020, I thought I’d introduce an idea I had in late December, as a way to kick off the new year of 2020, blogger talks. It may not be super original to a lot of you, but I really enjoy working on these kinds of posts. I have a passion for working with other bloggers, so enjoy!

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I have another blog, new post series, and life updates / Q & A

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Hey everyone, this blogger Q & A is quite different. No one has asked questions (I didn’t ask for any questions, oops!), but I need to talk about some things. Life’s getting harder. It was hard before, but things keep changing, and it’s getting really hard trying to keep up with everything now.

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Fundamentals are Fun and Mental | Blogging Q + A

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That’s right! This time I have be going over and answering all your questions and hosting my 2nd Q + A session, and giving you everything I have done to reach my 1150+ followers goal.

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Q & A Questions

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Hello everyone! I’m doing another Q & A session next week, so please leave some questions in the comments. I will be answering thing about my web-shop, my blogging tips & tricks, how I got to 1090+ followers by myself in 1 & 1/2 years, my future plans for the blog, and more! Leave comments and question because I really want to connect with you all!

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