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Thank You. . .

This means so much to me, and I would like to thank you for your support and love. Without you, this would be pointless.

I’m going to be brief, but I just found out that I have 51 followers. People that have been with me from the beginning, people who have been here since yesterday or today. I would like to thank you for your support.

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In the sky

In the sky, the clouds float on. Into the stars and into the sun. they fall from the heavens and onto the sea, onto you, and onto me.

Kisses from the wind and stars grace the blue above the earthen ground. Rain, as soft as baby’s tears, fall like grace and fly like faith. Over the people and over the plains, across the land the crying clouds creep, from when we wake to when we sleep.

Engulfed in a soft vanilla twilight glow, the stars burn on, like floating sky lanterns. Lighting the night and burning though day. To the day, their light will stay, looking so close for being so far away.

Mist of the heavens and dew from the earth, will never compare to the rains soft mirth.