On-Blog Advertising

Use this space to show off your work! Advertise your blog on my blog

Every blog is totally unique in it’s own way, but sometimes it just needs a little help to stick out in the crowd of millions of other blogs. This is where I can help you. I would like to feature your blog on my homepage, and help you to shine.

And it sounds silly, but it totally works! It’s like guest blogging, but if you choose either the two or three week plan, I will write a post just about you and you blog.

One week

Affordable and easy, this is the one week plan for my on-blog advertising service. Your blog will be represented with a stylish blog button, and small introduction.

two weeks

Adding on to the one week plan, this will also include a blog post written about you and your work. This helps to show off your work even more! It’s a great medium, price wise it’s still very affordable.

three weeks

At Three weeks long, it’s the longest running advertisement on the blog. I know ten dollars is not a small price, but it’s a great price for the amount of time spent on the blog. Includes everything from the one and two week plans.

Your blog is your home, and your name is a promise of excellent decor and throw-pillows.

Queenie | Written In The Ink

featured bloggers & paid guest posts

Let me tell you everything about this service. . . You can become a featured blogger and submit posts for my blog in two ways:

  1. You can submit your posts at the contact page, and I will pick a few of my favorite posts to appear on my blog once a week
  2. OR, you can pay a small one-time fee on my Ko-Fi page, it’s $3.00, and I will quickly get in touch with you through email, and we can schedule your post and work out all the post details.

You are ultimately paying me to promote your blog, and your writing through my blog-feed. The first option is up to chance, and you will not know when your blog post will be scheduled for. But option two will allow you to know every detail behind the guest post process, and you will be able to work personally with me.