Dear you. . .

Dear you, the beautiful person.

When I was walking in the open-air market, I saw these tulips and thought of you. I was going to get you some, but as I admired them. I saw the beauty in every one of them, with their wonderfully unique colors and shapes, practically perfect in every way.   Continue reading “Dear you. . .”

How Far. . .

How far could I go. If I sailed off into forever.

Into the deep, rich, expanse of the ocean.

If I went, how far could I go without getting lonely.

I would have the stars, the waves, and everything between me, the boat, the sea, and the sky.  Continue reading “How Far. . .”

Flower Arrangements and Drinks

I hope that all of you had  a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday. I was celebrating with my family so I didn’t have time to write anything yesterday, and the weather was amazing, so that was a bonus.

Continue reading “Flower Arrangements and Drinks”

Black and White. . .

Somethings are more beautiful when they are in black and white. Like a memory, I see them, over time they fade. You cannot tell how old something is just by looking at it, and it is even harder to tell if they are in black and white. Continue reading “Black and White. . .”